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ENSCA represents various natural casing associations and companies in both EU Member States and countries outside Europe, with a strong interest in the production and trade in natural casings in and around Europe.
Although its mission  is diverse, it is mainly focused on the interests of the European natural casing industry.

ENSCA in Europe

Founded in 1956, its office has been in Paris, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Berlin and since 2005 in Brussels, at the heart of the European Union. ENSCA is a member of UECBV, The European Livestock and Meat Trades Union, the EU voice of the meat industry to which the natural casing industry is closely linked.

EU Transparency Register No. 254947740482-05.

Website purpose

This website provides relevant information on hygiene, animal & public health requirements, casing-specific science and the legal context for the production and trade in casings. This information is mainly intended for and accessible by its members.


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